Table of Contents

Section 1
Opening stories:BookCoverLarge
•  Mom’s Story
•  Focus of Modern Medicine
•  Two Compelling Stories

Five chapters:
1.  Everyone Dies
2.  Medicine Has Its Limits
3.  A Gentle Path
4.  Your Circle of Care
5.  Live Fully all the Way
     to the End

Section 2
•  Appendix with Glossary
•  Hattie’s Directive (in essay)
•  A sample POLST
•  Checklist for Leaving in Peace

Section 3

Section 4
My Way Workbook

At the end of each chapter the reader is invited to answer a few questions to fill in the blanks. The goal each chapter is to provide the reader with information and inspiration that it will propel him or her into action.

Each one of us must think about how we want our life to unfold at the end; we must tell all of our loved ones about what we want, and we must pick a person with a strong will to fulfill our wishes if need be.