My Golden Rules


My|Golden|Rules is a qualified 501(c)(3) public charity tax-exempt organization dedicated to creating educational tools. The first product is a patient-education tool for baby boomers and seniors called, I’ll Have It My Way. Published by Deep River Press, the book is available ​at Amazon and bookstores nationwide.

While anyone can purchase  I’ll Have It My Way at local bookstores and on Amazon, our goal here at ​​My|Golden|Rules  is to get the most books into the hands of the most people. To accomplish this, The Gift Edition of the book has been published to be given to patients by their primary care doctor, nurse practitioner, nurse or social worker.

The name of this little enterprise, ​My|Golden|Rules , was chosen because we are only concerned with what has worked throughout the centuries. We ask and find answers to the question, “What has stood the test of time?”  What really matters in life is that the  actions we take now leave the world a better place than when we started our day.

Please visit I’ll Have It My Way to learn about our work.

Also, visit “I’ll Have It God’s Way” a bible study.

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In light of it all, our views of this universe and this world are also keys to our sense of fulfillment. Throughout the years Bruce and Hattie have been in a constant discussion about the first principles of our self understanding. Through the past 40 years big bang cosmology has been in ascendancy. It is an inherently solipsistic and nihilistic worldview so an alternative was sought.

In 2011, Bruce and 80 high school students started down the path to create an alternative and it is now developed here: